From reduced recidivism to increased employment and improved mental and physical well-being, the effectiveness of the Fletcher Group model is well documented, as evidenced in the numerous charts and graphs below. As you’ll see, our outcomes are equal to or exceed the most effective programs in the nation.

It should also be noted that no other recovery program has been studied and documented as comprehensively or for as long a period of time. Having eight consecutive years of detailed outcome documentation is critically important when it comes to earning the trust of stakeholders. It also plays a key role in winning tax credits and other governmental assistance.

The 2019 data, charts, and graphs appearing below are taken from the eighth annual Recovery Center Outcome Study (RCOS) conducted by the Behavioral Health Outcome Study team at the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (UK CDAR). Fifteen of the currently established Recovery Kentucky programs participated in the Recovery Center Outcome Study. Of the participating recovery centers, seven facilities were for women and eight were for men.

The entire 124-page 2019 RCOS Annual Report and a visual summary of the data can be viewed on our News Page.

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