How Effective Are We?

Let those who have benefitted tell you in their own words.

“The program changed me and I’m now a peer mentor. I know about this disease better and have the tools to stay sober.”

“It’s not a cookie cutter program. They work with you one-on-one and teach you how to live life. They showed me how to be a mom.”

“They truly, honestly cared about me and want me to have a fruitful and productive future.”

“It changed my life. I learned from others and got a lot out of the program.”

“I really liked the recovery dynamics. They explained the disease. They show a lot of love and teach you how to love yourself and others.”

“The program dealt with my addiction in a productive way. It gave me the structure and tools I need to stay sober.”

“It’s a good program and helps you get ready for the real world. And I am still sober today.”


“I liked everything. It taught me a lot about myself and to be more open to others. I’m more accountable now.”

“This is the first program I completed. It saved my life. It’s totally life changing.”

“I grew a lot there as a person and I learned a lot about addiction.”

“They’re personal and really care about you, not only when you’re there but when you go home as well.”

“I had a negative outlook on life and was headed in the wrong direction. The program changed all of that. And the counselors and directors were great.”

“It’s a great place. It teaches you things I had never learned before. It taught me how to be more responsible.”

“There was nothing I disliked. It saved my life. I’ve been sober 16 months. I have a job now and I get to see my child.”