According to the CDC, women are at a significantly higher risk of opioid overdose compared to their male counterparts. There are other gender inequities relating to drug usage, as highlighted in the articles below.

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Increase in female inmates linked to opioid crisis and poverty.

By Renatta Signorini of

Female Inmates

Women at significantly higher risk of opioid overdose compared to men.

By Tracy Brawley of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon

Higher Risk

Mothers and babies overlooked in the drug crisis.

By Gaby Galvir of U.S. News and Word Report magazine.


Women experience pain and opioid use disorders more acutely than men.

By the Healthline Editorial Team in collaboration with

Women and Opioids

Gender differences should inform opioid treatment, says study.

By Karen Brown of VPR News.

Gender Differences

Research indicates that gender-tailored treatment could ease opioid epidemic.

By Elizabeth Evans, Assistant Professor in the UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences.


Medication-assisted treatment shows promise for mothers and children.

By Mackenzi Klemann of The Lima News of Lima, Ohio

MAT Helps

Bisexual women veterans at higher risk for prescription opioid misuse.

According to a Michigan State University study by Psychology Professor Kaston Anderson-Carpenter.

Higher Risk

Survivor of child prostitution opens up about opioid addiction and mental health.

By Anne Marie Hagerty of WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Human Trafficking and Addiction

Dog training program helps women overcome addictive behaviors.

By in Dayton, Florida.

Dog Training