Fighter pilot, board-certified physician, statesman, and healthcare visionary, Ernie Fletcher was elected in 1998 to the first of three consecutive terms in the United States House of Representatives. In 2003 he was elected the 60th Governor of Kentucky. As Founder of the Fletcher Group, Ernie continues a legacy of innovative public service that promises to extend the company's unique model of "Recovery Ecosystems" to states across the country.


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From her early practice as a Register Nurse to her position as Kentucky’s First Lady, Glenna has always been driven by a passion to help others. Untiring in her concern for the health and safety of children, she championed the “Get Healthy KY!” program, guided the “Keep Children Alcohol Free” Foundation, and led the establishment of the “Read To Achieve” program at over 150 elementary schools. At the Fletcher Group, she divides her time between operational management and strategic initiatives.



Dave has over 35 years of experience leading program development with a specific focus on holistic service models that address physical health, mental health, substance abuse, and social determinants of health. His successful grant writing experiences include being awarded over $7 million in funding from Federal and State Agencies and Private Foundations.


Director Project Management

Grant is Director of Project Management, a role in which his unique blend of experience in public policy, real estate finance, and economic development facilitate the building of cost-effective Recovery Ecosystems. Grant is devoted to finding solutions, creating employment, and advancing innovation in the treatment of substance-abuse disorders. He holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning with a concentration in Real Estate Development from Harvard University.


Director of Employment Services

Twenty-five years as a Registered Nurse have given Lori a keen understanding of healthcare’s diverse population base. In the five years before joining the Fletcher Group, Lorie devoted herself to creating second-chance career opportunities for the most vulnerable by developing and teaching AOKY/GED+ (Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky/General Educational Development) programs at Ashland Community and Technical College in Kentucky. Her ability to reduce barriers and bridge gaps in education plays a key role in the Fletcher Group’s promotion of recovery through the kind of meaningful employment that rebuilds lives, restores families, and revitalizes local communities.


Director of Faith-Based Initiatives

After 22 years as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Air Force, Danny served on numerous airborne drug interdiction missions in and out of South America. Increasingly frustrated by the inability to prevent drugs from flowing into the United States, Danny became convinced that the only way to combat the nation’s growing drug epidemic was to address demand. Today, through his efforts with Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered recovery program, and his work with local halfway houses, Danny works to improve the mental health treatments and community support needed to combat addiction and rebuild lives.



Administrative Assistant

Debby is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and has resided in Lexington, Kentucky most of her adult life. For the past 19 years she served as Don Ball’s assistant until his passing in 2018. Together with Governor Ernie Fletcher, Don Ball spearheaded the Recovery Kentucky program throughout the state of Kentucky. Debby feels fortunate to have assisted in such a noble effort. In her current position as Administrative Assistant with the Fletcher Group, Debby is pleased to help realize the grand vision of her former employer by expanding the Recovery Hope model to other states across the nation.


Criminal Justice Specialist

John is the Fletcher Group’s SME (Subject Matter Expert) regarding criminal justice and treatment and recovery options. His experience is vast. As Kentucky’s Commissioner of Corrections he worked with recovery centers to provide alternatives to incarceration for misdemeanor and Class D felony offenders. He has served as a Director, Facility Administrator or Consultant in numerous states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Florida. At the Corrections Corporation of America, he served as Vice President of Business Development, overseeing governmental affairs on the state and federal level. John has published several articles related to the criminal justice system such as Establishing Partnerships Between Correctional Agencies and University Researchers to Enhance Substance Abuse Treatment Initiatives and is the author of the book, My Life: John D. Rees's Four-Decade Career in Corrections. In 2013 John was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Florida State University’s School of Criminology. His expertise, experience, and networking skills play a key role in the Fletcher Group’s ability to offer alternative paths to those with drug-related crimes so that they can find the treatment they so desperately need.


Program Specialist

Sarah Adkins holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science Degree in Corrections and Juvenile Justice Studies, and is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has served as a Classification and Treatment Officer at the Green River Correctional Complex in Central City, Kentucky and as a Substance Abuse Counselor, Probation Officer, and Social Services Program Consultant with the Georgia Department of Corrections. More recently, she served as Director of the Owensboro Regional Recovery Center, a 100-bed substance abuse facility within the Recovery Kentucky network. In addition to her work for the Fletcher Group, she serves as Chairperson of “The Alliance For A Drug-Free Owensboro and Daviess County” and Secretary/Treasurer of “Daviess County Treatment Providers.” In 2015, Sarah received the Lighthouse Recovery Beacon Award for her contributions to substance abuse recovery and advocacy.


Director of Research/Program Evaluation

Dr. Miles brings to the Fletcher Group a wealth of experience in researching and evaluating intervention and treatment outcomes for individuals with Substance Use Disorders. A doctoral graduate of Brandeis University, Jennifer has worked extensively with recovery support services and treatment systems, the creation of chronic care models for treating alcohol and other drug use disorders, and the development of payment innovations to fund substance use treatments. Jennifer’s most recent policy brief, titled "MAT-Capable Recovery Residences: How State Policymakers Can Enhance and Expand Capacity To Adequately Support Medication-Assisted Recovery," has helped increase awareness among state policymakers regarding the challenges and barriers to providing Medication-Assisted Treatments to recovery housing residents.

Outreach and Engagement Specialist

A healthcare systems expert, Milena has held numerous titles within the industry, including Chief of Strategy, Chief of Transformation and Innovation, and Director of Healthcare Integration. She currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Washington's School of Social Work where she teaches advanced practices regarding policy and reform. She is also an integrated care consultant and supports work at regional accountable communities of health, all of which promise to serve her well as an Outreach and Engagement Specialist for the new Fletcher Group Recovery Center of Excellence.



Outreach and Engagement Specialist

An Appalachian currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky, Gene is a proven Housing Specialist with considerable experience with non-profits and affordable housing as well as addiction recovery. His skill set includes Data Entry, Networking, Public Speaking, Program Management, Project Implementation and Administrative Office Skills.


RCOE Director of Administration

In her previous position, Michelle coordinated and implemented an extensive Homeland Security training delivery system that involved scheduling, logistical support, productivity tracking, data collection, contracting, and regulatory compliance. In her position as Director of Administration for the Fletcher Group Rural Center of Excellence, Michelle will apply her two Masters Degrees and passion for public safety to identify and engage stakeholders and explore with them the possibility of developing local recovery housing through innovative Technical Assistance provided by the Fletcher Group.



Johnna is a Family Facilitator for the National Alliance On Mental Illness and currently serves as Treasurer on the NAMI Rome Executive Board, one of the most active affiliates in the state of Georgia. Holder of a Master of Business Administration degree from Berry College, Johnna has extensive experience with non-profits and local government as well as the private sector, particularly the banking industry. Her proven ability to collaborate, network, and build effective partnerships, combined with a lifelong passion to help others, will significantly enhance the Fletcher Group’s efforts to provide Recovery Housing, SUD intervention programs, technical assistance, and training to those in need in North Carolina as well as Georgia. Johnna is also a lay speaker and the council chairperson at her local church.



A graduate of Morehead State University where she majored in Psychology and Social Work Chemical Dependency, Jennifer is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Long an advocate for substance abuse and behavioral health recovery, she brings to the Fletcher Group considerable prior practicum, teaching, facilitation, and volunteer experience relating to recovery. She gained her in-depth understanding of the social model of recovery by working extensively with numerous Recovery Kentucky Centers. Before joining the Fletcher Group, Jennifer served as an Alternative Sentencing Worker with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy where she assessed, mitigated, and advocated on the behalf of those with substance abuse and behavioral health challenges within the criminal justice system. Her outreach and networking skills proved valuable there as she worked to facilitate close collaboration between the local criminal justice system, Drug Courts, and jails, on the one hand, and local and statewide rehabilitation services and facilities on the other (including those within the Recovery Kentucky program). Rounding out her skill set, Jennifer is also currently pursuing licensure as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.



Trained as a journalist, Richard has served as writer, editor, and communications specialist for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. At the Fletcher Group he oversees all messaging, marketing, and communication efforts, including the design of the company’s new website and the creation of the distance learning and staff training materials that will become increasingly important as the company expands its unique business model throughout the United States.