By keeping people from getting support and treatment, stigma can actually kill. It’s in our vocabulary, the way we frame discussion, the way we look at people, talk to them, and treat them. Much education is needed, as evidenced in the stories below.

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Neighbor complaints prompt city commissioners to petition White House for sober housing rules clarification.

WSAZ TV covers the story in Huntington, West Virginia.

Housing Fear

Current rules and practices can preclude those on probation from getting the treatment they need.

NPR story details how fear and stigma led to one man’s death.

Fear and Stigma

How to change the addiction conversation from problems to solutions.

Watch the movie trailer for “Anonymous People” by Greg Williams

Movie Trailer

An interview with Greg Williams, the maker of the movie, “Anonymous People.”

Greg Williams Interview

Meet “Faces and Voices of Recovery”—a leading recovery advocacy group dedicated to overcoming stigma.

Faces and Voices