Recommended Reading

Below are a few of the books and articles recommended by the staff at the Fletcher Group that have been found to provide the best understanding of the national opioid crisis we find ourselves beset by.

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Dopesick—Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company That Addicted America

By Beth Macy

“We need to treat addiction as the medical problem it is.”

Other books recommended by Beth Macy:

  • Pain Killer by Barry Meier
  • Dreamland by Sam Quinones
  • Drug Dealer, MD by Anna Lembke
  • The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin by Helton Mitchell

Seattle Has Figured Out How to End the War on Drugs

While other cities are jailing drug users, Seattle has found another way.

By Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times, August 23, 2019

Seattle’s Anwer

My Years in the Florida Shuffle of Drug Addiction

Cycling through relapse and recovery, and the industry that enables both

By Colton Wooten, The New Yorker, October 14, 2019

The Florida Shuffle