Crucial to any effective policy or treatment is a comprehensive understanding of what’s really going on. Here are the first-person accounts of people who have lived, and are still living, with the struggles of addiction.

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Those in recovery share their doubts and fears on Blog sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

“Is This Recovery?” by Gabrielle Szynski


How do people become homeless? Read their stories here.

By Jill Cowan and Marie Tae McDermott of the New York Times

Homeless Stories

A lost decade and $200,000: One dad’s crusade to save his daughters from addiction.

by German Lopez of

A Lost Decade

Ryan Rogers was a 28-year-old alcoholic who entered a posh rehab facility to stop drinking; 17 days later he was dead.

By John Hill of Mother Jones magazine

The Rehab Racket